The Simplicity of Life

On my book description, I didn’t know how to write to summarize more than 70 stories, so I just put a general description, including that some writings may be prophetic. I wrote one story about a virus appearing prior to our current situation. Some may think I am selling prophecy, but that’s not the case. When God gives me some prophetic dream or the like, I will put it on my blog free of charge when God tells me. I did that on my other website mentioned on my about page quite frequently. One has to understand that with the prophetic gift, one’s entire life is one big prophecy. If I cough in a certain direction, it could mean something. I’m not being silly, but serious. That’s the prophetic gift, so I believe in getting paid for what I’ve put years of hard work into writing just like everybody else. I’ve spent time developing characters and researching things, etc. It’s just that when one reads my fiction, they may be seeing into the real life future also.

Thoughts on Writing

My book The Simplicity of Life is an interesting mix of basic stories about everyday life, some romantic adventures, some evangelization, and some stories about war and such. This is real life-we wake up, we kiss our husband, something goes wrong, God speaks to us, and we go to sleep. We don’t have romance all the time or war all the time, so I wanted my book to reflect real life.

Some of my romantic stories involve characters who sleep with each other before marriage. I had inquired with some about my writing to make sure nothing was anywhere near pornographic and they assured me it wasn’t. There is no nudity or anything like that mentioned. It’s pretty innocent, but I know many Christians think that I shouldn’t be writing about non married sleeping together. For me, I believe that when two people unite sexually, they are now married. The ceremony and the certificate are just worldly things, but God created it that when the union takes place, they are united forever. Something I long for the world to learn. If you read most of the beginning stories of the Old Testament, this is what happened. A man just took a wife and they slept together and that was it, they were “married”. The ceremonies and papers came later in the Bible.

Anyway, the main thing I wanted to say is that Christians have to understand the state of America. Most people are FAR away from God and anything resembling real righteousness with God, including Christians. Porn watching, divorce, and drug use is the same among Christians as it is among non-Christians. Americans are saturated by pornography and all its related things. So, in my writings, if I write perfect Amish romance where all they do is hold hands and talk (assuming here, I’ve never read an Amish romance, but so I’ve heard), the only people interested in reading this would be Christians. If I write of two people going through struggles and then they end up in a lifelong relationship-for our sinful country, that’s a step up! That’s what I’m aiming for.

In the movie The 40-year old Virgin, there is a scene where a woman is in a bathtub and she is having this moment where she is completely self absorbed and it’s a perfect display of how Satan wants people to be-completely self centered. The virgin character recognized that this wasn’t what he wanted and he ran away. What did he want? A normal, healthy relationship with one woman for life-with the woman he was in love with, because of her personality, charm, etc. I wouldn’t recommend the movie to Holy Spirit very righteous Christians,  but I am glad that this message got across to the general population, because it shows them that the world of pornography and self centeredness is not the right one. There was also an episode of Sex and the City where a man was watching porn while trying to have a romantic encounter with one of the women. She was like, “I’m here!” but he only wanted to watch the porn. I was glad that this episode was filmed to try to undo the rest of the damage that show might have caused to the US population! These are the types of things I try to achieve with my writings. It is my hope that there is nothing unholy in my writings, but only things that point people back to God’s righteousness.


Entering a time of reflection and prayer.

Who sinned first? Adam? No. Eve?

Wasn’t her either. Wasn’t even the snake.

Satan sinned first. He’s always been our enemy and always will be.

And from the beginning there was a Savior.

The curse in Genesis mentions the One who will crush the snake.

He has always been our Savior and always will be.





The Simplicity of Life Thoughts

On my book description, I put that the book was geared towards Christians, but that non Christians would enjoy it also. I believe it is more the other way around, intended to bring non Christians to God and holiness, but Christians can read it too. It’s difficult to know which, because of the way my writing is. I try to write to bring people closer to God. Those who are most holy might not get much out of my writing, but those who aren’t Christian might not buy it because they think it’s evangelistic. Difficult thing.

The Simplicity of Life

Some excerpts from The Simplicity of Life:

Melody thought about what he said. She pictured herself as a single parent. She would have to go to work full time. She would have to do everything herself. The love of her life, her husband, would be nowhere near her, potentially for years. Even though she didn’t want to go, her Christian faith told her that families stay together and she should support her husband’s needs. “All right, we will go, but I won’t be happy, so you should be prepared for that,” she said. “You’ll survive,” was all he said.

“Are you still planning to do work with those stupid computers?” his father asked him. “Of course! They are not stupid, Dad. It’s like your guns. Mom says they shouldn’t exist, but you tell her that it is necessary for self-defense. They exist. Some use it for evil. Some for good. I use technology for good,” Zander told his father. “For what good?” his father asked.

“You have to go?” Darren asked her angrily. “No, I’m giving you your entire day,” she said. He smiled and they watched another movie and went to bed. Clarissa set her alarm for midnight. She didn’t need it as she received several texts asking where she was and the constant beeping woke her up. She got up and got ready.
She called her boss and said she would be there soon. She wrote Darren a note. “I gave you your entire day, but now it’s past midnight and I have to go. Be back soon. I love you,” the note said. She signed it, “Your superhero.”

One day as Rose walked with the nurse, she saw that there was a room with thirty something toilets, with women and men like herself in sackcloth sitting on them. At least she knew she wasn’t alone, but wondered what they were doing with all these people. “What do you want with me?” Rose asked her nurse. “The key to your gift,” she said. They wanted to know the future also, but that’s not quite how it worked.

Christine reduced her life to three boxes and two small bags. She was very depressed, but all she could was cry. Day one in the car was a hard one. It didn’t help that it was mid summer and the temperatures were soaring.
“It’s hot!” Christine yelled. “I don’t care. We can’t afford gas money and the air conditioner uses a lot of gas,” Brian yelled. “Daddy, why are you and Mommy always yelling?” Billy asked from the back seat. “Things are a little difficult right now, son. It will get better one day soon, okay?” Brian said. “Are we going to stay in the car longer?” Billy asked. “A little while longer,” Brian said. Christine wiped a tear from her eye. “Can we at least go sit in a McDonald’s or something?” she asked. “I’ll find a safe place. We only need to sleep in the car, not live in it,” Brian said.

“Where are my Q-tips?” she asked Brenda. “In the bathroom where they belong,” Brenda said. “Um, no. They belong where I put them, because they are mine. Why are you always stealing from me?” Jessica said. “I didn’t take them. They are in the bathroom,” Brenda said, rolling her eyes. “You took them. Don’t ever touch my stuff again or you will be moving out,” Jessica said.
Brenda got nervous. “You’re joking, right? It’s just Q-tips!” she said. “It’s my stuff, not yours,” Jessica repeated. “I have nowhere else to go,” Brenda said. “Then stop touching my stuff and mind your own, yeah?” Jessica said.
Brenda wanted to call her a word that starts with B, but she held her tongue, because Jessica was letting her stay with her while she lacked a job. Like it or not, she had to stay, so she followed the rules, even if she didn’t understand them.

Dr. Leaven saw many more patients that day. She helped a man with attention problems to focus, casting out some demons. She helped a child with some blood sugar issues who didn’t have spiritual problems, but a true medical problem. She adjusted her medication. She helped a pregnant lady who was feeling a lot of pressure in her back. Dr. Leaven’s prayers for her caused the baby to turn a bit which alleviated the pain and the lady remained pain free until the birth. She helped an obese man who still could not stop eating. He had a combination of spiritual, mental health, and physical issues, and he was a long term patient. Dr. Leaven prayed for him that he continue on his path towards a normal weight, giving him a new prescription medicine to help him also, along with some essential oils.

“Have you tried allergy shots? Medicines?” they would ask. Of course, she had tried many things, but she was allergic to many of the medicines too. She didn’t know what to do, except keep going, hoping for a better life.
One day, at work, a girl offered her birthday cake. “I can’t eat that,” she said. “Just one bite. It’s really good,” the coworker said. “What are the ingredients?” Allergy Girl asked. “I can’t say. It’s a secret recipe,” she said. “Then I can’t eat it,” Allergy Girl said.
Hated she was, but she stopped caring. They cared more about a recipe than her life. But she cared about her life, and had to be religious about avoiding what bothered her or she would suffer the consequences.

One day, a super flu broke out. It had a thirty percent death rate. Her child who had been vaccine damaged didn’t survive and Angela wanted to die too. There’s nothing worse in life than the death of one’s child, especially when they were victimized from faulty medical practices and bad laws that don’t honor God. Angela was angry and sad, but she couldn’t do nothing about it, except try to keep going for her other children. “The sickness is in most countries, but very little in Romania. We would have been safer there. I think we should have moved when I wanted to. I know the country is more poor, but we would have had food and health, that is the most important thing. And God is still with the country, because the people still fear God. Christianity is even taught in the public schools there,” Demetrius said. “It is?” Angela asked. “Yeah,” he said. “Can we still go there?” she asked. “Not now. They won’t let anyone in who has been exposed to the virus until some time passes. Maybe never,” he said. She grew more sad. (written prior to today’s real life events)

When Paul returned to normal he realized he had a gift of healing, along with perhaps some other unique gifts and he realized that he was unique, that he was in touch with the spiritual world around him in ways different than other people. He realized he needed to spend much more time in prayer to realize what God wanted him to do with his gifts. When he got home, he had a message from Amy. “Hey, Paul. So, I thought you should know I made some new friends with my new job and they talked to me about God and stuff and it finally made sense. So, now I believe in God too. So, I just thought you should know. I’m okay. Just working. Tired as heck, but anyway. So, I guess that’s it. I miss spending time with you. Bye,” she said. He cried. He missed her too. And now she knew God. He knew he had to see her again.

“I want to play Thief Poker,” the daughters said. “Okay,” Joanna said. She dealt five cards to each person. First, they took turns stealing one or two cards from another player. Then they traded their cards with the dealer up to three times. Whoever had the best hand won. They made sure that was often the three year old. Otherwise, there would be crying. And nobody wanted to hear that.

Stupidity it was. So he just kept going until he grew up. “Then, I will be free,” he thought. Until his college school mates questioned him too. Until his coworkers talked bad about him. “Speak up. Talk louder. Talk more. Be more aggressive,” he got every week. “Why don’t you just shut up!” he wanted to say to them.
Greg found solace in going to church on Sundays and reading the Bible. Even in church, he was interrogated. “Why are you so quiet?” he was asked. “Would you slap Jesus’ face too and tell him to speak up?” he asked them one day. They didn’t respond.

Always in the future. She dreamt one night that she woke up and the lights went out. When she woke up, she forgot about the dream. Five seconds later, when she hit the light switch, the light bulb exploded and the power went out. Some fellow person was using too much power next door. She learned then to pay attention to her dreams and she began to write them down. She now realized more deeply that she was really seeing into the future. What to make of all those scary dreams?

There was nothing he could do. He yelled. He cursed. He begged his kids to tell CPS that he was a good father, but when his beautiful innocent children told CPS that their father couldn’t clean or cook for them and they were often hungry, they sided with Antonio. It wasn’t the kid’s fault. All kids thought about was french fries and toys, not adult rights and bigger things. And CPS doesn’t always ask the right questions. They also often have their own agenda.
Jorge began his downfall. He stopped eating anything but sugary foods. He only took his insulin when he felt terribly ill. He began to drink two gallons of water every day. Once a week, EMS was called and he went to the hospital. He was given a nurse to help clean his home and to cook for him. But, as soon as she left, he would eat ice cream and drink a gallon of water again. His home health care worker didn’t want to come anymore, so Jorge had to call and ask for another one. Health and Human services answered and he began to complain. “They stole my kids from me for no good reason. Why couldn’t they give me a worker when I still had my kids? Then, they wouldn’t have stolen them. That a-hole brother of mine lied. He never lets me see my kids. He tells them I am a bad parent and a bad person. I just have no freaking legs. My wife died and now they stole my kids,” he said with tears.

He looked around and found a rake. “Here we go,” Bob said. “You’re gonna kill me with a rake?” the thief said. “It’s fiction. Of course!” Bob said.
He grabbed the rake and swung it so the sharp edge stuck in the man and he threw him across the yard. “Thank you,” the girl said, without a smile. Bob stayed there smiling at her, with his perfect teeth showing. “What?” she said. “Now, you kiss me or something,” Bob said. “Not gonna happen,” she said. “Who are you?” Bob asked. “Name’s Apple,” she said. “Apple? What kind of name is that?” Bob asked. “I’m crunchy. I’m the harsh character. What’s your stupid name?” she asked. “Bob,” he said. “Bob what?” she asked. “You didn’t tell me your last name,” he said. “I don’t have one,” she said. “Well, I do. It’s Banana,” he said. “Bob Banana?” she asked laughing.
“All right,” he said. “What are you, soft?” she asked. “I’m supposed to be the nice guy,” he said. “You weren’t so nice to that dead thief,” she said. “Forget about him. Seems you’re supposed to be the assassin character, with a name like Razor or something,” he said. “That’s the name of the bad guy we will fight later. First we have to form our reluctant romantic attachment and reveal some of our background,” she said.

Today I turn eighteen. It has been five years since they took my mother away for ‘being a threat to the government’. Last I heard, she was being horribly drugged and kept in isolation. I also heard that they are now attempting to do ‘brain surgery’ to correct her ‘mental imbalance’. I know the truth. She was one of the last freedom fighters and they had to lock her away to keep people from waking up. I have taken up her cause, though I have become, out of necessity, less vocal than she was. My father is looking at me now. I know he is saddened by this day. He thinks I will abandon him. He lost my mother and now he fears that he will lose me also. I have tried to reassure him that I plan to not go very far, but he thinks I will end up just like my mother. On my most angry days, I ask him how he just willingly goes along with ‘the system’. He fights on occasion, but now it seems that he has just resigned himself to be a slave.
He used to be strong like my mother. I guess he became afraid. The government’s plan worked on him. Many people are afraid. Fortunately for me, I am not afraid of much. As my mother use to say, ‘You came into this world a roaring lion.’ She was right. I am still a roaring lion. I have her spirit and I refuse to let this world crush it. I refuse to become a number, a mindless citizen slave who does what my controllers tell me to do.

“What are you saying? You are God?” a man asked. “Yes, I am God. Have you not seen my TV show?” Jesus said. “Oh, you are that God. That’s a fun show, but God would never come and have a TV show,” the man said. “Well, I thought since man idolized TV so much, I would come down and be on it too. I thought that was the only way I could reach people,” Jesus said.

Cheers filled the space outside the Leader’s office. The Leader, Jack Henry, began his speech from his balcony.
“Today, we gather together to finally initiate a long-held dream by many. Today we gather to establish our New World. A new way of living. The way of hope.”
More cheers. Deafening cheers.
“We are here today to formally sign the papers. To formally dissolve our separate nation states. To formally unite as one world, the New World. A world without war. A world where dreams come true. A world where you can be anything you want to be. You will have what you need. You will not envy your neighbor because you will be happy. Our New World Plan has finally reached consensus agreement among every nation in the world and I could not be happier.”
More cheers. Deafening cheers. Waving of the New World flag. No other flags in sight.
“Today, we become truly one people. We have differences, but we are all humans, and it is time that we come together and create the world that we have dreamed of. Free to be who we were meant to be, free to travel anywhere without restrictions and worry. We will all be free.”

Allison loaded Greg into the makeshift elevator. He had a solemn look on his face, but his determination was evident. He was a proud volunteer. He knew the risks and he fully accepted them. He knew the reward was a better life for all those people with him, many of whom he loved dearly. Allison was very serious as she placed the last straps into place on his tense body. “Are you ready?” she asked. Greg swallowed his own saliva as he stared at her. “You sure the drugs are enough?” he asked her. “They will help you a lot, but they won’t relieve all of the pain,” she said. “Nobody will see me upon my return?” he asked. “If you make it, you will be kept in isolation with the others until you slowly recover,” she said. “I know all this. I don’t know why I am asking you again,” he said. “You are stalling. It is understandable. Everyone does it,” Allison said to him, as she took his hand and squeezed it. “Whenever you are ready, I will lift you up there,” she said. Greg looked at her and then he closed his eyes. He knew he was about to experience intense pain and suffering, but he knew that someone had to do it. Why not him? There were few men left in their location and he certainly wasn’t going to force a woman or child to take his place. It was his turn. He had to do it. They couldn’t stay where they were forever. They would all die and he knew that. He had to go up. He took a deep breath and looked at Allison. “I’m ready,” he said. “Okay,” she said. She closed the outer gates to the wooden elevator and gathered the few remaining men to begin to raise him up. He reached the top of the cave. The men looked at Allison and told her, “Pull the switch.” She pressed a knob, which caused the ceiling of the elevator to recede. The air was suddenly filled with violent screaming. She pressed the switch again and heard the click of the elevator ceiling closing. They lowered the elevator and opened the outer gates. Allison began to cry and the men just looked away. There was Greg. He had ceased screaming by now. He did not survive the trip.

“Hi, Ray. I am Jack, the manager here at the diner. It is so very good to meet you. How are you enjoying yourself so far?” he asked. “Well, this is all very nice what you all have done here for Miriam. Everyone has been so nice in saying “Good bye” to her. Thank you for arranging this day for her,” he said, politely.
Jack knew he was giving a diplomatic answer and not an honest one. The diner was nearly empty then and Jack felt free to speak freely. “Ray, I hope you don’t mind me saying, but everybody has recognized you from the television and all, you know. I believe, however, that you are a changed man. I know Miriam to be one very godly woman who knows the Lord like nobody else does. I know that God and Miriam know who you really are and who you will be. I’ve been praying for Miriam and I know that the two of you belong together and will have a good future. Who are we, mere humans down here, to question the workings of God? Ignore the people who don’t understand it all. I’m sure you can understand why they feel the way they do, no? They most likely don’t know God the way you do,” he said. Ray sat silently for a moment, thankful that someone had ‘broken the ice’.
“You know, to be honest, I am already used to myself as a new man. I have completely forgotten my former life. Yes, I know who I was and what that life involved, but it is completely history now. Most of those who worked with me have taken on completely new lives as well. God did a great thing by bringing Miriam into my life. He has worked so many miracles. I guess some individuals believe that I should pay for my sins, but I feel like I already have. For years, I lived in darkness and torment, a blind fool. I now realize that God has washed all of that away and made me a new creation; someone who will now use the talents and gifts that God gave me to better this world rather than to destroy it. It would do nobody any good to see me sit in a jail cell rotting away. God needs me to share His message with the world, to be a godly father to this baby, and to help people. I just feel that every choice I make now is guided by the Lord. I pray all the time, before I do anything. So, Sir, I don’t worry about what other people think. I only care about what God has commanded,” Ray said.

She put on her dress, picked up the purse, and opened it. She transferred the few things she would need for the night from her other bag. She put on her shoes. She checked herself in the mirror, took a deep breath, and headed outside. Andrea loved to drive, but not in dress shoes. Once in the car, she took off the shoes and put them on the other side of the car. She loved to drive barefoot. It made her feel comfortable, relaxed, and a bit wild. She put on some music. Lady Gaga, she chose. She listened to songs about bad men and songs about money, and changed her mind. She then took out Barbara Streisand. Zhorah had given the CD to her. She was surprised he listened to such music. “Ah, that’s better. Love songs. Get me in the mood,” she said to herself. “Barbara has a gift.” The song I Finally Found Someone came on. She began to sing along, getting swept away in the music. As she hummed along with Streisand, her heart returned to where it was when she first met Zhorah. She pulled into the parking lot, put her shoes on, and headed inside. “Hello, Ma’am,” a valet said to her, as she walked inside. She never valet parked. She didn’t want anybody else inside her car. Once inside, she was in awe of the beauty of the place. It was filled with golden touches. With her job, she made fair money, but most of it went on bills and her studies. She never ate at fancy places. Wendy’s was good enough for her. She was greeted warmly and led to her seat. Zhorah was waiting for her. “Hi, beautiful,” he said, kissing her hand, as she sat down. He sat back down in awe of her beauty. She was also in awe of his. He never wore suits. He hated dark colors. He almost always wore beige or white European styled clothing. This night, he had chosen a nice pair of beige pants and a white buttoned shirt, tucked in. He had a European styled brown jacket with one button buttoned, no tie. He paired it with “fancy shoes” as Andrea liked to call them. They were these weird looking European shoes, very pointed at the front, the kind of shoes a gangster might wear if going gambling. But she loved them. She loved that he was not American, that he was tall, dark, and handsome. So handsome, she loved to stare at him, and make him nervous. She loved that he had an accent when he spoke. It made her heart skip a few beats.

Lisa sat alone in her room. She read from the Bible. She prayed. She rubbed her abdomen. She had discovered just a few days before that she was pregnant. She had always worried about having a baby and being a spy, but after talking with her mother, now she felt that she had nothing to worry about. She would still finish law school and begin her legal career. She would continue to be an agent for the UNIA. She would be the First Lady one day. She would keep fighting to change the world for the better.

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