New Books Out

I have updated my page with a list of new ebooks I have published on I am very happy to have new writings out. They have some beautiful covers! I took the pictures myself. Yay me. One day I will work on paperbacks, but I don’t have time now. Imagine what I could write if I had a babysitter! Anyway,¬†thanks for reading!

Christian Writing

As a note to Christians, I consider myself a Christian author, as I love Jesus more than anything, and have followed his words and example for much of my life. Sometimes, however, should I become more well-known, eventually my writing might cause controversy. I can sometimes be compared to the “cursing pastor” or others like that. I just want to say ahead of time that I am not a “fluffy” Christian, one who attends church every Sunday and goes to Bible Study, and sings in the choir. I have been this girl some years in my life, and I saw church leaders that were cult leaders, even locking the doors once on us and not allowing us to leave until the end of the service. I grew up in a very dysfunctional household, knowing up close how evil and selfish people can be. I live in a country whose laws I question, a country that is physically extremely sick, and a country that is mentally very sick, and a country, where many citizens routinely engage in child abuse, sexual exploitation of children, pornography addictions, food addictions, bribery, murder, drug addictions, and a long list of other sins and crimes. And over the years, I have found myself becoming more and more angry at the violations of human dignity, health, and safety, I have seen, especially involving children. I now feel that little holy girl has turned into fiery prophet. I often feel like writing words like some in the Bible have written, things like, “I feel this burning fire inside of me to tell the dying world about Jesus Christ and the power of His salvation.” I am more comparable to a “cursing pastor” or a homeless man on the street holding a sign saying, “The world is coming to an end soon. Repent!” I also compare myself now to Jesus, when He overturned some tables, and likely threw out some curse words. And I apologize to nobody for it. Jesus was often angry at the evil in this world. God was angry in the Old Testament. And I am angry. And sometimes with anger comes a few bad words and the ruffling of some feathers.

At the end of the day, I answer to God, not man. Of course, I will welcome constructive criticism of my writings. I am human too and sometimes my own personal feelings and such might creep into my writings, but overall I really try to write what God tells me to write, which often might contain some uncomfortable moments, but the world has become desperately evil, and I feel it is what most need to hear. So, as a note, I consider myself a Christian author, but one who largely writes to a world in need of salvation, not to the holiest of Christians. And, in the end, it is only God’s approval of me and my writing that matters.

New Books, Sort Of

I recently published Story Mix 1, a collection of three stories. I recently decided to publish the individual stories as well. Seems I put the cart before the horse. I was thinking some wanted something longer to read, but apparently some like short stories as well. So now they have both to choose from.

My books are available here:

Individual stories are $0.99, and the collection of all three is $2.99.

Thank you if you choose to purchase!


It’s what on the inside that counts, no? As a simple, organized, logical, bit boring kind of person, I rather enjoy seeing just some simple squares on the cover of a book. It tells me the name of the book and the author, all that I need to know. Where do I find out what the book is about? The table of contents! That’s where one is supposed to go, not to look at a book cover to try to get clues. Anyway, apparently I’m the only one who thinks so. Since books never sell much without a “pretty” cover, I’ve taken to try to improve it. In a few days, my book Story Mix 1 will have a newer “prettier” cover. If that will increase sales from 0 to something above that, we’ll have to see.



My latest novel

I have released a new novel, a collection of stories. It is nice to be published, but at the same time all the worries come back to me. Sometimes I think my writing is genius, other times I think it nonsense. Probably all about the editing. Did I edit it enough? Should I have edited it more or researched more? What will people think? Like it or hate it. What if they do both? What does that mean? Is it just people are different or is it my writing? Anyway, to anyone who reads my blog, who might wish to look into reading my collection of stories, the link is below. One day, when I have time to take some nice photographs, I might work on a better cover, but I am simple girl who believes it is all about the writing not what’s on the outside. So, I hope you will take a look despite the simple cover. Anyways, blessings to all who read my blogs and my books!